The practice observatory

Observatoire des pratiques

The practice observatory is dedicated to offering a comprehensive view of the current development of restorative justice in France and all over the world.

You can contribute to the Observatory by offering your testimony regarding your own particular experience of restorative justice according to whether:

  • You have participated in a measure of restorative justice?  A submission form on the basis of you testimony can be completed online;
  • You are involved in the implementation of restorative justice measures?  You are invited to make two sorts of contributions; one is to share a case study, and the other give feedback on your experience and practice;
  • You run or you are a member of an organization which promotes programmes of restorative justice? A submission form is at your disposal so that you can share your experience of the different problems accruing from the implementation of such programmes.

All the contributions can be anonymous

Before being put online, it will be examined by a scientific council.  We do not reject any testimony even if it does not reflect our own vision of restorative justice.

For every testimony you can also find links “to go further” and find out about the protocols recommended by the Institute.

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