International activities

A new challenge for the  IFJR: promoting Restorative Justice in Tunisia


During the summer 2014, The French Institute for Restorative Justice decided to commit itself to the promotion of Restorative Justice (RJ) in the new Tunisia which has seen an exceptional period of institutional reforms over the past four years. 

The development of this new programme dovetails to the mandate of the Institution whose statutes provide that: the mission of the IFJR is to promote restorative justice in France and throughout the world.

In the medium term, a three-pronged objective was defined in July 2014:

  • Initiating within the ambit of the “justice sector” in Tunisia an exploratory mission on the conditions of the development of the values and principles of RJ, in the short and medium term         
  • Sensitizing to RJ some key actors of the “justice sector” (the Bar, the Bench and state prosecutors; universities; national and international civil society; donors)
  • Proposing lines of approach for the development of RJ in Tunisia (strategy; activities; identification of Tunisian and international partners; quest for funding)
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